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Play Attention for ADHD/ADD

Genesis FEC utilizes Play Attention, a NASA inspired, evidenced-based technology designed to improve attention and executive functioning. Our program is comprised of a two-pronged  approach: parent-education and bio-feedback. Your child's focus is our attention.

Online Class

Service Description

Genesis is an approved provider of the FOCUS Assessment and Play Attention program. Students diagnosed with ADHD/ADD can learn to enhance their attentional control. We begin with a FOCUS assessment that measures Consistency, Performance, Impulsivity and Distraction. The results of the FOCUS assessment guides the creation and customization of the Play Attention program for each student.

A minimum of 2 sessions per-week is required for up to 6 months before the student and parent begin to see change in the four domains mentioned above.

Play Attention for ADHD/ADD

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