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​Stay Connected through Social Distancing​ ​

Our tagline at Genesis Family Enrichment Center, Inc is, "good things come from hard places." Well, this season that we are in is a testament to that statement. Covid-19 is our collective hard place. There are some terrible news being reported on television, our routines (school and work) have been disrupted, frankly removed. Uncertainty appears to rule our days, but of this I am certain, we can still choose what we take from this hard place. Trust Based Relation Intervention proports that trauma impacts our brain, body, biology, beliefs and behavior. The bad news is also good news! Trauma is not the only factor that influences our brain, body, biology, beliefs and behaviors. Here are a few "influencers." that I hope will help move you through this hard place.

Stay hydrated. By the time we realize that we are thirsty, we are about 3-5% dehydrated. No good decision has ever been made on a "raisin-brain."

Move- Fight, Flight and Freeze are commonly recognized as part of our autonomic response systems. We can train our bodies to respond to stress with purposeful movements. Play your favorite artist and dance around the house, go for a walk, run, jump rope, or simply plant a garden. Movement creates good serotonin, increases our heart rate variability, and improves mood. Movement impacts our body and brain as well as our beliefs and behavior. Immobilization can sometimes send mixed messages to our brains. Immobilization trigger survival responses that invade our perspectives and feed our reticular activating system. Your reticular activating system helps filter out/in information that supports our beliefs and perspectives.

Pay attention to your body and feed it what it needs. Here are some foods that are considered alerting; carrot sticks, celery sticks, apples, pears, dried fruits and mints). If you are feeling anxious, eat yourself calm. Foods that are calming include sunflower seeds, eggs, dark chocolate, chamomile or green tea.

Hydrate, move and eat every 2 hours and watch your brain, biology, body, beliefs and behaviors be influenced by you!

Join us on April 7th for a live Nurture Group session via Zoom. Register for our three-day TBRI workshop on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2020. Register at​​

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