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Quieting A Smoke Detector will NOT Extinguish the Fire

Aim your attention, affection and attunement right.

When a smoke alarm goes off, it tells us that there is a fire present. We would never aim the fire extinguisher towards the smoke alarm in the hopes of extinguishing the fire. So too, our children's behavior tells us that there is a need. Unfortunately, most of us are comfortable in addressing the behavior in the hopes of meeting the need. Is your house on fire? Consider asking, what does my child need?

Attention is a need. Not an option. It is just too much work for children to get our attention through misbehavior. What do you believe about your child's behaviors? If we believe that our children are doing something to us, it changes our response to self-protection and punishment. If we believe our children needs something from us, then we respond accordingly.

A child's behavior should draw our attention - to meet a need.

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