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Fatigued Parenting

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Parenting children from hard places requires heavy lifting from caregivers regardless of the medical, behavioral, mental, relational, or physical needs of the child (ren). Parents and caregivers can feel exhausted from hypervigilance, which is a constant state of being "on", watchful, and playing the role of a detective of danger with no time off. Parents of children with complex needs remain present even when they or their child(ren) are absent, waiting for the inevitable shoe to fall or the next fire to extinguish.

Contagion of Caregiving

The day to day interaction between parent and child can create a contagious environment merely by repeated exposure to traumatic, highly charged behaviors that compromise our connections. Our responses to behaviors born from trauma can change our brains, biology, body, beliefs, and behaviors as parents and caregivers. Often overlooked are the changes that are occurring with siblings and others in the household.

Here are some things that you can do:

  • Move it or Lose it. Most caregivers admit that they are apt to lose their tempers or lose perspective without exercise. Find creative ways to move your body. Parenting requires our whole selves, including our bodies.

  • Embed a wild card or two into your schedule. Leave space for flexibility and retire the mental rigidity of what you think caregiving should look like.

  • Play disarms fear. Create spaces to play. Make it intentional. If your only interaction with your child involves directives, corrections, chores, inquiries about their school, and what not to wear... then, you are experiencing poverty of play.

  • Join Genesis Connection Group to connect with other parents navigating the same issues as you are and learn new ways of parenting that heal your relationship with your child(ren).

  • Register for one of our workshops and join our Parent-Child Groups to enhance connection, learn correction, and enrich your relationship.

For more information about Genesis Family Enrichment Center, Inc:

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